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17th-Oct-2013 07:58 pm - Feels like Forever!
Hey! It's been forever. Or it seems like forever, rather...

Updates galore, here!

I was unemployed until the middle of April, when Cedar Point hired me back as a costume character and costume shop stitch-er. Let me tell you, that was the most mind-numbing, but fingernail-biting time of my life. I was deeply depressed. I tried to force out my inner optimist. I know that I wasn't the only one with problems, but being unable to pay bills really does take a toll. I'm still not entirely back on track, but I'm definitely working on it,

During that time I had to sell two of my favorite dolls (Analise and Bailey) and various other things. That really bummed me, but I figure when I'm back on track, I'll be able to repurchase them. Same names and everything. The other stuff wasn't really anything I needed so I'm not too sad to part with it.

When the middle of May started, I officially started as one of the Peanuts. This year was fun, hectic, and weirdly annoying. Too much drama. Sadly, that's what happens when you put a large group of females together in a tiny, air-conditioned room. Kinda bummed, because I didn't get to take as many pictures as last year.

Enjoyed my birthday with my friends and co-workers at Kalahari Water Park and Resort in Sandusky. I normally don't celebrate my birthday, but it was worth it.

My car died and was sold in early August, so I currently have no mode of transportation.

The main season for Cedar Point finished in early September. I don't have regular character work, because the park closed during the week. I work in the costume shop during the weekdays. I assist in making costumes and the upkeep of the "Friendly" Monsters. I also assist the woman in charge of the costumes for the Screamsters, when she needs it.

I audition for Disney as a costume character on the 8th of October. Sadly, I didn't make it past the first cut. It was fun, though. I would definitely audition, again.

These last two weekends during Halloweekends, I stood in for the girl who is the Karaoke Host. She had a previous engagement and they needed someone to host. It was nice. I wish they had hired me for host. I auditioned for the position. Oh, well...

There are only two more weekends for Halloweekends. I'm sad, yet kinda relieved.

Why relieved? It means that I will now have time and room to work on projects.

What kind of projects?

* Fourth of July Jumperskirt (Minnie Mouse dress for Halloween.)
* Black Cat Strut (Uploading the design in multiple colors and getting samples printed.)
* Very Belated Wedding Present for seleschan.
* Nurse Lindsay Cosplay (Magical Girl Theme.)
* Random Drawings and Art
* To Dreams and Back comic
* Christmas Presents!

Of course, all those will be worked on while I job search. I refuse to be jobless! Even if I have to just start an Etsy shop for doll clothes or something, I will make sure to have some form of income.

Well, that's all for right now. I'll try to keep everything more up-to-date, but that depends on how absorbed I get into projects and future job positions.
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28th-Jan-2013 11:35 pm - Starting to Feel Extremely Hopeless
It's almost the end of the first month of the new year.

I'm not normally a very negative person. I like to be extremely optimistic, but I've been in a downward slump since the end of October.

I finished my contract with Cedar Point and immediately went searching for employment. I have received no calls or letters pertaining to ANY of the positions for which I applied. It's starting to really get to me. I know that the economy still isn't that great, but I see people who are less skilled being hired - even in retail - over me. Most of those hired seem to be high schoolers or just out of high school with no experience. It's extremely frustrating.

I find myself being very listless. It's difficult to concentrate on anything, including art.

I forced myself to finish my Nurse Lindsay cosplay, including a cat friend. For those not in the know, Ohayocon's mascot is Nurse Lindsay and she's often seen with a cat companion. I made my cousin a skirt for her Pinkie Pie cosplay. Thankfully, she purchased the fabric and sat with me the entire time. I was only really able to focus because she was there.

I felt needed during Ohayocon. I feel that being on staff gave me purpose. It's not a paid position, but I really needed someone to rely on me.

Now back home for a week since Ohayocon. Still putting out applications. Starting to feel hopeless.

I was given an ultimatum when my contract was finished with Cedar Point. I needed to be employed and paying rent by the first of February or I was to be evicted. It is now the twenty-eighth of January. I have no options.

I've started selling my collections. Movies, manga, comics, books, figures, dolls. It's just stuff, but it's my stuff. Stuff I've collected. Stuff I still read and watch and like. It makes me want to cry, but I will carry on.

It was suggested that I start doing commissions. I do not know how. I have no portfolio as most of my work doesn't get finished. I am uncomfortable with anything but pencils, colored pencils and charcoal. I don't know other traditional artistic media. I'm terrible at digital media. I can sew, but even that is just growing knowledge and the use of a serger.

So... Hopeless. Yes, ma'am, that's me.
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27th-Apr-2010 01:24 am - Card games on motorcycles?
So, yeah... I've been doing nothing lately except spazzing.

We're doing inventory really early this year at work. Which is a good thing, because it allows me to have an actual vacation afterward. ^_^ It comes at a price, though. I have to fix messes that others make. I'm one of three people in the area that has any inventory training.

Sad news no more Sony products for me. Yes, I'm one of the "crazy" people who is pissed at Sony for making me sign an agreement that states that I don't own my consoles in order to use said consoles. It really ticks me off.

I would so go to Microsoft's XBox, but they are almost as bad as Sony. It's ridiculous to spend MORE money in order to do any of the online things. I already have a subscription to an internet service, I don't need to spend any more to play with other people.

I guess that all my game console money is now going to go to the good ol' PC. Still the best gaming console, but oh so expensive. T_T

I received my last ABJD(Asian Ball-Jointed Doll) for the year. They really do multiply after the first purchase... *sigh* I really don't want to spend more money on resin-based dolls.

My new arrival is Bailey Dean. He's an Iple House JID Realskin Edition Vito. Expensive, but so worth it. He's definitely a hunk.

I know I'm pretty hypocritical right now. I stated a while back that I would not be going to Colossal Con any longer. The option to go and swim at Kalahari Indoor Water Resort was too good to pass up, however. So, much needed vacation? There. While an Anime Convention is going on... Heh.

Cosplays? Yep. Sister Rosalie from 07-GHOST, "Real" Shiki from The World Ends with You, and probably some PoT characters... T_T

Been drawing a lot lately. I scrounged up a copy of Adobe Photoshop that my father had in his software bundles. Much older than the newer ones. I think that it's 7.0? So fairly old.

I really wish that I could afford the newest Adobe Creative Suite, but I have to purchase desktop PC parts and pay for school.

At school, I'm no longer focusing on creative design. I'm now focusing on getting my A+ certification for computing. If it goes over well, I might go for a degree in networking.

Hopefully, I'll get through this without killing myself. I really don't want to stay at Walmart* any longer. I may complain about it a lot, but I do like working with customers. Customer Service really is starting to take its toll, though. I can only stand being screamed at for so long before I snap.

Eh... Going back to drawing shortly.
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16th-Dec-2009 09:42 pm - I need some prayers
I am extremely sad and worried right now.

Please, let me have one more Christmas Miracle.
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10th-Dec-2009 07:59 pm - Analise: My Iple House JID Tatiana

I received my first Fukubukuro from Doll Heart today. I was most pleased with what I received. The only two oddballs that I got from the stash was a hat from the Silver Blue set and a deep red underskirt. Alexander now has a new pair of boots. They are very nice and very sturdy.

Now, I only have to wait for my second order from Doll Heart and my order from Denver Doll Emporium.

Girls are so much fun to clothe, even if they are expensive~
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Ever since she was little, Jean always knew what was expected of her.

She was cute and blonde. That automatically made her stupid. At least, according to her father, that was what she was destined to be.

So she perfected the art of being ‘stupid’.

She took to ‘Valley-girl’ speak, always maintained a very extensive wardrobe, and hung out with the ‘cool’ people. She always handed her father a straight ‘C’ report card.

At least, that was what he thought. The report cards were always doctored. Her teachers were always informed the first week of class that just because she was blonde did not mean that she was an idiot. She needed two different grade cards: one with straight ‘C’s and the other with her actual grades.

They suspected that her home life was not the best, but - as long as she maintained her grade point average - they were willing to go along with her scheme.

It was not until her mother divorced her father, that she was allowed to drop her mask, and by that time it was so settled into place that she just maintained it because it was familiar. She had dropped the extra ‘report card,’ but maintained everything else.

So, when her mother stated that they were moving, secretly she was thrilled. She, however, was still so deep into her mask, that the ingrained fit followed the news immediately.

The community that they moved into was nice, quiet, and very suburban. She liked it there. It was close to the mall, and she made friends very quickly.

The whole thing with David and the Chosen allowed her to lose even more of her mask. She was still forced, even among others like her, to don her mask.

Sarah, she was the worst of them. Jean always wondered if it was because she, too, was blonde. Sarah was always trying to force her to break away from her mask. It just was not as easy as Sarah made it sound. Jean had lived with it nearly as soon as she understood what was expected of her.

Jean understood that they all had masks. Soon, they would all have to be rid of them. Just so that they could show the Council that they were strong.

Julia, she was starting to crumble. Her brave face truly made it hard to see that her mask was failing. It was noticeable in little things now, though, and she would disappear for hours on end. Disappear to a place that none of them could ever find. She very effectively would fade away into the background. It was an ability as ingrained as Jean’s speech.

The others’ masks were not as blatant, but they were resorting to other things to keep them in place.

Bobby was focusing more on non-reality. Mikayla was now smoking. Tanna made everyone else her business, refusing to focus on her own problems. Ray was buying things just for the sake of having them. Adam was falling further into politics. Karen refused to acknowledge anyone, even her soulmate. Erik always had a book in front of his face, now. Sarah was now instigating fights with nearly anyone. And Sean?

Sean was actually very straight forward with his mask. Wherever he lived before arriving at the Palace, they had deemed him homosexual, and so he accepted that as a mask. Jean had snorted when he informed her of that. He never seemed interested in anything like kissing, handholding, or anything else a couple should. He did, however, like to talk. He liked to talk about anything and everything. He was a true romantic, but focused on the setting and the occasion more than what would happen afterward.

She was proud of him. That he was the first to break away from the mask that he was forced to wear. Secretly, she wished that she had his strength.

Jean startled when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up and smiled brightly at her soulmate.

“What were you so deep in thought about,” Sean asked, plopping on the couch next to her. “I called your name three times.”

Jean smiled faintly and flipped through the magazine she had previously been looking through.

“About masks,” she said faintly. “And, like, about how we’re going to have to, like, lose them. The council, you know, is likely to notice, like, soon that we are, like, not the children they first, like, bullied into becoming the Chosen. I, like, know that I can’t, like, be as strong as you, like, are.”

Sean shook his head, reaching over to pull the now mangled magazine from her nervous hands.

“Jean, you are strong. All of us just need a push into the right direction. The others will realize that they cannot hide any more. It’s not just a matter of time, it’s a matter of survival,” Sean stated, grasping her hands and pulling her from the couch. “I think that Erik and Adam are going to be the first to figure it out besides us, of course.” He chuckled. “I think that they already have. Adam has called a meeting for the thirteen of us, tomorrow. He said that Erik had found something in the old tomes he’s been reading.”

Jean looked confused. “But, like, Erik’s been reading books. Like, small paperbacks. They, like, looking nothing like the tomes that Adam found.”

Sean flicked her in the forehead, smirking at her glare. “And I assume that Adam has been reading only political references, then?”

Jean nodded, and then frowned. “Oh.”

“Yep. Hiding their work in plain sight, they were.” He turned her toward the hallway door. “Let’s head to dinner. You’ve had enough time to brood.”

“You are, like, so mean to me,” Jean stated, pouting.

“Right and you are just as mean to me,” Sean laughed, pushing her toward the door. “Last one to the dining hall has to endure whatever movie the winner decides on.”

“You’re on!”

The two tore past half of the group, leaving their laughter as the only indication they had been in the hallway.

a present from Fuji Yuuta
30th-Jul-2009 11:40 pm - Tired but excited!
So... My father will be signing for the house tomorrow afternoon. Right after I clock in for work, of course, so I can't be there. We'll be getting the keys and then start clearing out the grungy old place we're renting.

I wish that I could have liked this house more... But I've lost too many pets here in the time of our stay. One to old age, one to Leukemia, and one to Diabetes. The one that hit me hardest will always be my Dusty-kitten. The house is small and we are entirely too cramped in here for so many people. It's too warm during the Summer and frigid in the Winter. My room is a flaking, Peptobismol pink. The windows allow in bugs, that even Niko won't eat. It's killed a lot of our computer and electrical items. Dad lost two towers and a boatload of backup UPSes(a type of backup battery made for high-end appliances.}

I'm grateful that it was here when we needed it, but our stay should have ended quite some time ago. I'm surprised that I stayed so long to help my family, but I learned early that it's probably the best thing to do.

My birthday is in less than a week. If anyone is interested in going, I will be celebrating my birthday at Geauga Lake. Yes, I know it's only a water park now, but I really REALLY want to go. The last time I went to a water park was with seleschan, in the early 2000s. I had wanted my birthday, originally, to be at the Great Lakes Medieval Faire for a weekend. No one wanted to commit to it. T_T I already have three people going with me to Geauga Lake. presidentpwn3r, ray_au, and my mother have stated that they will be coming. If you want to come, tell me. I can purchase tickets at discount. I'm currently leaning toward the 6th of August due to the fact that the extended forecast states thunderstorms on Tuesday... >.>;; I'll let you know what the final date is~

Another thing, I like birthday presents just as much as the next person, but seeing people is my favorite present! >.>;;
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23rd-Jul-2009 09:46 pm - Thoughts on The Chosen Ones...
Still into my rewriting phase. I'm nearly done with the second chapter rewrite. I've just felt so uninspired for the last few years.

The big thing is... If I ever do plan on getting it published, some of my characters can't keep the names they currently have...

Julia is well, based off of me. Well, a me that has had bad things happen to her... Bobby is based off of my brother. Sarah is based off of my cousin. Amy has to be completely reworked, 'cause I really don't want to be sued... >.>;; I would also have to completely rework the Julia's family's names... T_T

I think that, for now, I will leave the name brainstorming for another time. Names are easy to change.

*sigh* Still waiting on my Tatiana. They're starting to send them out, so I will hopefully get her before the close of the month.

I'm thinking of going through my old sketches. See if any of them are postable on DeviantArt.... I'm not the greatest artist, but some of them are slightly decent.
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24th-Jun-2009 07:25 pm - Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
Does any one else wish to join our little group in seeing the movie tomorrow?

We're planning on going for an early afternoon showing most likely the 12.50 or the 1.40 at the Strongsville Cinemark.

I'm really excited! I've been waiting for this movie to release, I am even trying to avoid too many spoilers. A lot of my friends who have already seen it are trying to get me with pop up IMs and texts... T_T So I won't be on AIM or YIM until after I've seen it~

>.>;; I accidentally went and bought the soundtrack for the movie this past Friday, 'cause it was on the floor. T_T That's a 1000$ fine for my store... Ah, well. It's their fault for having it out!

In other news I've finally ordered my girl~ She's a SE Iplehouse Tatiana. I ordered her with the dress pictured and the "pink rabbit" outfit that has kitties pictured on it~ I can't wait to see her~ (I dunno who said they were discontinuing their tanned dolls... I think they misinterpreted it, 'cause they stop making tan dolls during rainy season... Oi~)

We finally put a bid on a house, and it was accepted~ ^_^ Mom's asking me for 1000$ for the inspection and loan down payment as part of rent. So, I won't have to worry about rent for a while~ ^_^ Thankfully, she found out that the money isn't needed until the loan is signed and they hand the keys to us. No needing to ask for money from other people~ ^_^

We were all scrammbley because we thought that they needed it for this Friday~ BUT THEY DON'T! WHEE~

Wish us luck on our move!
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