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Oh the Loyal One
Thoughts on The Chosen Ones... 
23rd-Jul-2009 09:46 pm
Still into my rewriting phase. I'm nearly done with the second chapter rewrite. I've just felt so uninspired for the last few years.

The big thing is... If I ever do plan on getting it published, some of my characters can't keep the names they currently have...

Julia is well, based off of me. Well, a me that has had bad things happen to her... Bobby is based off of my brother. Sarah is based off of my cousin. Amy has to be completely reworked, 'cause I really don't want to be sued... >.>;; I would also have to completely rework the Julia's family's names... T_T

I think that, for now, I will leave the name brainstorming for another time. Names are easy to change.

*sigh* Still waiting on my Tatiana. They're starting to send them out, so I will hopefully get her before the close of the month.

I'm thinking of going through my old sketches. See if any of them are postable on DeviantArt.... I'm not the greatest artist, but some of them are slightly decent.
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