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Oh the Loyal One
Card games on motorcycles? 
27th-Apr-2010 01:24 am
So, yeah... I've been doing nothing lately except spazzing.

We're doing inventory really early this year at work. Which is a good thing, because it allows me to have an actual vacation afterward. ^_^ It comes at a price, though. I have to fix messes that others make. I'm one of three people in the area that has any inventory training.

Sad news no more Sony products for me. Yes, I'm one of the "crazy" people who is pissed at Sony for making me sign an agreement that states that I don't own my consoles in order to use said consoles. It really ticks me off.

I would so go to Microsoft's XBox, but they are almost as bad as Sony. It's ridiculous to spend MORE money in order to do any of the online things. I already have a subscription to an internet service, I don't need to spend any more to play with other people.

I guess that all my game console money is now going to go to the good ol' PC. Still the best gaming console, but oh so expensive. T_T

I received my last ABJD(Asian Ball-Jointed Doll) for the year. They really do multiply after the first purchase... *sigh* I really don't want to spend more money on resin-based dolls.

My new arrival is Bailey Dean. He's an Iple House JID Realskin Edition Vito. Expensive, but so worth it. He's definitely a hunk.

I know I'm pretty hypocritical right now. I stated a while back that I would not be going to Colossal Con any longer. The option to go and swim at Kalahari Indoor Water Resort was too good to pass up, however. So, much needed vacation? There. While an Anime Convention is going on... Heh.

Cosplays? Yep. Sister Rosalie from 07-GHOST, "Real" Shiki from The World Ends with You, and probably some PoT characters... T_T

Been drawing a lot lately. I scrounged up a copy of Adobe Photoshop that my father had in his software bundles. Much older than the newer ones. I think that it's 7.0? So fairly old.

I really wish that I could afford the newest Adobe Creative Suite, but I have to purchase desktop PC parts and pay for school.

At school, I'm no longer focusing on creative design. I'm now focusing on getting my A+ certification for computing. If it goes over well, I might go for a degree in networking.

Hopefully, I'll get through this without killing myself. I really don't want to stay at Walmart* any longer. I may complain about it a lot, but I do like working with customers. Customer Service really is starting to take its toll, though. I can only stand being screamed at for so long before I snap.

Eh... Going back to drawing shortly.
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